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Sewer inflow or infiltration

The basement of a house is exposed to various cavities likely to flood it. Especially during the abundant rainy season or snowmelt, the risk of flooding by backflow, sewer inlet or infiltration becomes more important. Then you have to take steps to prevent this from happening.

How to avoid the accident?

By simple inspections from time to time, one can avoid the worst. Here are some things to check:

  • The drainage of the land. It must encourage the flow of water out of the property;
  • Cracks on the foundation walls of the house that may become ducts for infiltrated waters;
  • The gutter descents. They must not be too close to the foundations;
  • the openings. Windows and doors can allow water to enter;
  • The flat roof. Drain pipes should be checked because if they are clogged, this can cause flooding;
  • The domestic water drainage system;
  • The existence of a non-return valve. This equipment allows the management of the evacuation of the water to the main sewer of the district.

Keeping an eye on these points, we can predict the wastewater infiltration into the residence.

What to do if infiltration occurs?

In the event of water infiltration or sewer entry into the house, the solutions to be implemented depend on the source of the problem. In case the roof is faulty, using a roofer is the best solution to consider. It is checked for leaks and repairs are carried out as required. If the walls have cracks, the size of the cracks determines the solution to adopt: micro cracks are treated by water repellent, medium cracks require the use of putty and impermeable coating while large cracks need Masonry work. For the problems of porosity, it is necessary to make a water-repellent treatment or a waterproof coating. If wastewater ingress is caused by hydrostatic pressure foundation infiltration, the owner or resident of the house would need a professional to drain or install a waterproof membrane.

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