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How to treat sludge to become potable water

Knowing that the sludge contains more than 95% of water, they can therefore be treated to extract them and make them again drinkable solutions. The main goal of the treatment of sludge in a treatment plant is to make the drinkable aspect and the potability of the water that they contain. This is achieved by reducing the volume of sludge to limit the quantities to be stored or spread, and stabilizing them to optimize their physical characteristics while eliminating all unnecessary and harmful elements for the health of consumers.

The stages of sludge treatment

The first step in treating the mud to get a drinking water is called thickening. It can be preceded by the addition of synthetic or mineral organic flocculants and consists in separating the solid and liquid phases by density difference. The second step is dehydration. The aim is to reduce the water content of the sludge. There is mechanical dehydration and geomembrane dehydration. The last step is the recovery of the water obtained and its treatment. For this purpose, various chemical solutions are used to make it again drinkable. This requires acute knowledge in physics chemistry to determine the exact quantities of products to be used to treat water.

Can we drink the water obtained after the treatment of the sludge?

Since the water has already undergone several treatments, normally it is immediately drinkable. But as it can have an unpleasant taste or smell with becoming an ideal drinking water, you can still implement other solutions to optimize it. Some techniques allow to give a pleasant taste to the water like the optimization of the oxygen by shaking and the addition of a little salt. You simply need to know how to dose this additive. In some cases, a final step before water consumption is recommended. Indeed, to ensure its quality and not to take any risk, it must still be boiled. This eliminates all the elements that may still be harmful to health. The use of other products such as bleach is no longer useful.

How to treat water

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