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Multiple ways for municipal drinking water treatment worldwide

Drinking water is vital for health. Everyone is entitled to it and everyone has to dispose of it as much as he wants. However, it must be known that the water only becomes potable after having undergone some basic treatments. Anywhere in the world, this treatment approach is mandatory.

The first steps

The first steps of water treatment made by professionals in the field like urban and industrial sludge begin with screening and sieving. Here, the goal is to pass water through grids to remove the largest debris. Next comes the oxidation that intervenes in order to treat organic loads, ammonia in water as well as iron and manganese. This step can be done either with chlorine or with ozone. Subsequently, in order to get rid of the particles and produce a clear water, it will be necessary to pass the water through a final filtration in the step of the clarification. For water to be classified as drinking water, it must be passed through disinfection. Thus, bacteria and other pathogens are eliminated directly from the water. In this step, chlorine, ozone or even ultraviolet is generally used. For downstream action, a little chlorine is stored in the water to prevent the formation of bacteria.

Further processing

Sometimes the water is "hard". This often leads to scaling or corrosion of the pipes. This should be corrected. Sometimes specific pollutions also occur. This can be seen in the presence of nitrates or pesticides. In this case, additional treatments for the depollution of water are necessary and added to the treatment of water. After the drinking water plant is exited, the water is then sent to the reservoirs to reach the tap of all households. Every step is important in order to guarantee to the population a water that is at once clear, but above all drinkable. It is the health of the population that is involved here, which is why so many interveners and procedures are needed.

The problem of dirty water

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