4 steps to clean your spa filter

Buying a spa is often a long decision and many stages of thought if it always begins with prospecting for jacuzzi prices in stores, at the manufacturer or on the internet. Upon acquisition, it is then impossible to ignore the maintenance of the jacuzzi given the importance of the investment. Knowing that the quality of the filter is the guarantee of the cleanliness of the water, here is a guide so that you can maintain it correctly.

1. Dislodge the filter from the cartridge

The spa filter is found in a cartridge commonly called a skimmer. In order to be able to clean the filter, it will then be necessary to remove it from this compartment.

2. Proceed to cleaning or washing

Once the filter is taken out of its cartridge, you can begin cleaning. For this, it is necessary to use a watering can hose to wash the filter by spraying it with water and respecting a vertical movement. Be aware that a high pressure cleaner would not be suitable for washing the filter because of the power of the jets which could damage it. Also, get a small filter brush to remove stubborn stains. Allow to air dry.

3. Cleaning the cartridge

It would be almost useless to clean the filter if the cartridge was not taken care of. For this, it will be essential to soak it in a special filter solution for one hour otherwise, leaving it overnight would be strongly recommended.

4. The assembly

At the end of the treatment, it will be necessary to rinse it with plenty of water, dry it in the open air and install the filter inside. It is time to restart the spa and test if the filtration pump is working properly. Otherwise, you will be forced to replace your filter.

To preserve your spa and all its equipment, it is essential to maintain it on a regular basis and to treat its water. It is also advisable to take a shower before entering the spa to remove traces of deodorant, cosmetics or perspiration that are harmful to the filtration pumps of spa hot tubs.

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